Niagara Beard Fest & Craft Beer Festival 

Niagara Craft Beer Festival

Produced for the awareness of depression and anxiety in the Niagara Area


June 28-30

Montebello Park St.Catharines, Ontario

Niagara Craft Beer Festival starts in…


11am - 11pm


11am - 11pm


11am - 7pm


Recommend your favorites and check back with us to see the lineup




Beard Fest

features the regions best beard competition

along with great bare foot dance performances

Bare Foot Festivals connects our community back to earth with Rock, Country Blues and Folk Bands

kick off your shoes and enjoy the day in front of great barefoot bands and live dance performances  

We will be seeking the best food Trucks from South Western Ontario


Please walk, bike, take a cab, bus, Uber or a designated driver

Driving to the festival, use the St.Catharines parking directory link

Use the links below to find your way to the festival






Upload your bearded video